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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Knitting

Tuesday and Wednesday were busy, busy, busy in the shop with people picking out their Thanksgiving Knitting projects. On Wednesday afternoon at 4:45 I realized that I needed to get my holiday knitting projects together. I was headed to the beach for 2 days and needed various projects for different types of knitting. Here are the bags of stuff I took with me for less than 48 hours at the beach.

Here is what was in those bags

Starting from the left corner and around;
Green Tweed sweater to sew together.
Balls of yarn for my stepdaughter to knit a scarf for her BF.
The front of a sweater in Kidsilk Haze to start.
Inca Alpaca to start a new scarf.
Teal and lime King George to make a scarf on the dark drive down.
More balls of yarn to make a scarf if I finished knitting everything.
Red, green and white yarn to knit Christmas stockings.
My sunglasses and phone charger that I forgot I put in there and couldn't find until Thursday night when I got to the bottom of the bag.
Some extra yarn that my Mother wanted me to bring her.

So I knit in the dark on the way down, I knit on Thursday morning after a wonderful walk on the beach just after sunrise. There were lots of people who are much better cooks than me responsible for the big meal so I could knit and watch the confusion in the kitchen. I was on clean up duty and then I had to take a nap so I didn't get to knit again until the early evening. My stepdaughter started a scarf for her BF. Then the BF decided he needed to learn to knit- so we taught him. Then my stepson who knows how to knit needed to get in on all that yarn so he started a scarf. My mother was also knitting so there was a lot of knitting going on at our house. I also knit on the way home.
Here is what I accomplished;

I started a Christmas stocking.
I started the second half of my Kidsilk Haze Cardigan.
I started the Basketweave Inca Alpaca Scarf.
I started and finished the sideways scarf.

I don't know what I was thinking- probably that I would knit nonstop and be snowed in for a week! I am so happy I accomplished what I did!

The knitting was great! So was the company! And we had great food too!!!

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