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Friday, September 26, 2008

It's finally Scarf Weather again!

Last year, I decided to knit a cotton scarf out of some Goddess Yarns Carmen, but I didn't have enough, so the scarf was WAY too short! It has been sitting in my closet, just waiting for an excuse to be ripped out and made into something else. Last week, I found many more skeins of Carmen hanging out in the sale basket in Chapel Hill and knew the time had finally come. Hannah helped me pick out 3 colors that would go beautifully with the pale blue I already had - puce, orange, and lime green.
This scarf was just begging to be knit sideways, but I didn't want to settle for a plain old garter stitch. I added some variety by using one size 13 needle and one size 10! Each color is knit for 3 rows, and whenever I joined a new color, I slipped every other stitch. This scarf was so easy, anyone can do it! And since I hate finishing projects, the best part is that the loose ends were tied in knots and incorporated into some fun colorful fringe at each end!
I'm not really sure how many yards I used, but I started with 4 skeins of 90 yds each and have plenty of each left over. The scarf is about 77" long (it was meant to be 60" and stretched - but who's complaining? I love long scarves!) and 4" wide.
What lonely old project will you rip apart this year and make into something new?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Stray Socks Around The House.

I started a new sock at Knit Night on Thursday, something special for a friend's birthday coming up soon. I finished it last night, much faster than I had planned.  It is Three Waters Farm, but I can't tell you the colorway in case it would ruin the surprise.

I figure that I'm ahead of schedule, got me thinking about the socks that are already waiting for me, I could have a little affair with this flashy red sock that was already on the needles, right? 

Oh sweet, sweet Jitterbug, your bouncy and bright deliciousness!
I turned the heel and started the cuff!
In my search for this little temptation, I found another PAIR just waiting in my backpack... yes, the one I took to Maine... in July, and still haven't fully unpacked. Oh, the guilty feelings!

Three Waters Farm- "Late October" Ah, cool weather, Fall colors...!
I'm not even sure that this is all of them, there might even be more socks sneaking around my house at night! Just so you know that I'm not trying to fool myself, I have dozens of other beautiful skeins calling my needles, and that doesn't even include the new yarns coming into the shop that I must have! 
Hint- Misti Alpaca Handpaint Sock... OK, I already brought it home. 
It is hopeless, I've given in... 
Knitting, I'm all yours forever! 
At least my husband understands.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


This week has been all about finishing for me. One spell of cooler weather and my mind is very  ready to start sharing and wearing wool! Warm, comforting, delightful wool!

The first thing I finished was a new hat for my handsome husband, that's my favorite stripe pattern... as you will soon see. It seems strange to me that I always love stripes that are worked in an odd number of rows/rounds, I would have guessed before I began to knit that I would be most attracted to all things "even"- boy was I wrong!

Something special for him, something special for me!

This is my new sweater, which I love! Knit up in Cascade 220 in the only pink I can wear without looking like a very tired zombie. I knit this sweater from a new Chic Knits pattern the Basic Chic Pulli. This is my sample sweater for teaching the pattern in the Chapel Hill shop starting October 13th. I am quite pleased with the results, love the top-down-round construction, the perfectly flattering fit and the ease in which this pattern takes minor modifications! As some of you know I can't knit without doing something "different" I'm sure that speaks to my true personality, Ha! 
The major modification that I needed to make was to add length to the pattern, so I chose a nice contrast color and introduced it with a simple and dramatic slipstitch pattern over two rows. This highlights the modification and gives a classic sweater a sort of "Bride-of-FrankenKnits" feel, which I just adore! I chose a lighter color to have a slimming effect on an area that I didn't feel needed any extra emphasis.
I'm so happy that my plan actually worked... whew!
I'll share a secret... I actually properly blocked this sweater, damp towel, iron, steam- the works! It was so exciting, Thankfully I had watched Mary do some significant blocking at the shop so I wasn't too scared!

The next things I needed to put the finishing touches on- new hats for my rapidly growing niece and nephew, when it starts to cool down here it's already getting cold in Maine. I knit these up fast and in matching patterns (notice the favorite stripes) but one has lighter stripes and darker main color, and the other is opposite- to try and keep the kids from being too matchy-matchy. T. will be very happy to know that his hat looks like Jon's!

The last thing I want to share today isn't finished, but I am dreaming about wearing it, that counts right? Scarf/Shawl in Kidsilk haze!

Just one more color...

So, there's where I'm at, come by the shop and show me what you've been working on!
Hope to see you at Knit Night tonight. 

Monday, September 8, 2008

Reasons to Knit and wear Shawls

 Here are some of our favorite reasons for knitting and wearing a shawl:
 Take a shawl on an airplane trip and you can cuddle up underneath it instead of one those questionable blankets.
You can still wear a bare top or dress and cover up your arms -or other parts- with a shawl.
A shawl is the perfect coverup in the Summer in those over air-conditioned restaurants.
Knitting or Crocheting a shawl can test your skills. 
You can make a shawl for a friend and not worry about whether it will fit. 
You can make Triangular, Rectangular or Circular Shawls.
When you are not wearing them you can drape them across the back of a chair and decorate the room.
You can't have too many of them!!!

We have so many beautiful Shawls on display at Great Yarns.  Some are super easy to make and some are a bit more challenging. The shawl above is made out of Jojoland's Melody. It is a soft merino wool that gently changes colors to really show off the pattern.

The shawl below is an easy project that will go anywhere. It is made in Berroco's Suede.

This is the Angel lace shawl pattern from Fiber Trends. It is made in Naturally's Dawn -a luxurious   silk/wool blend.

The Brown Shawl below has little seed beads knit in. These 2 are for the more experienced knitter. 
Better take a "Learn to Knit Lace" class!

This is another Fiber Trends Pattern-Ruffles and Ridges. It is made in Manos' Silk n' Wool. It is a lot of fun to do after you cast on the 1,000 plus stitches for the ruffle.

This semi- circle lace shawl was made in Jitterbug from Unique Kolours. We have many more ideas for shawls  and lots of new lace yarn to make your next project!

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