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Friday, May 30, 2008


What do you think about having Cookie Friday around the Carrboro shop? 
Friday is such a great day to work in the shop, for so many reasons...
There are always new things that came in during the week.
I get to work with Alisa- who is a delight! 
It is a wonderful time to pick out a new project, and even time for a swatch!
There are lots of fun people stopping by to get their projects ready for the weekend.
Friday is the unofficial start to the weekend, but Friday is also my Monday.
That's why I think Friday is such a great candidate for cookies!

So come on by, pick out an exciting new project and see what we're knitting on.

This one is top secret until June 9th! Come see if I can make yet another unrealistic and self imposed deadline!

AND you should see if I managed to make cookies... I am sure I managed to make a mess!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer Sweaters

Summer is just around the corner and we have some really cute summer sweaters for you to knit while on vacation or for vacation.

This Henley style top is made in a new yarn from Classic Elite called Cotton Bamboo. It feels silky and is a treat to work with.

This square neck top is made with a "magic" technique. The decreases form the unique pattern and shape of this summer top.

All of these sweaters are quick and easy to knit. They don't take mach yarn and the projects will fit nicely in your travel knitting bags. Come see us for even more good ideas for summer projects.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

40 years of Knitting

I recently had a birthday and I turned 46. I started knitting when I was 6 so I have now been knitting 40 years! Wow! That is a lot of knitting. Recently  had 2 very special customers in the store. They both had sweaters on that were 40 years old. The sweaters are still beautiful as are the women who made them. They are still knitting heirloom sweaters after all these years.
We all have reasons for why we enjoy knitting. We love the whole process of picking a project, choosing the yarn, learning new stitches, creating the fabric and putting the pieces together. The best part about the process is when we wear our finished knit wear or give it to someone who loves our talents. 

We are all special knitters. We all create heirlooms that can be passed from one generation to the next. We all love sharing skills, talents and friendships with other knitters.

I learned to knit from my mother and grandmother. My own mother, Anne, is almost 80 and still knits every day. She is currently making my Dad a pair of socks and making a baby blanket for a new grandson.
I can only hope that I am still creating when I am at the same stage of life as these wonderful ladies!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wedding Present

When Hannah got married on February 29th she and Jon requested creative, funky and handmade gifts. Well, the yarn shop ladies got together and got their creative juices flowing. I think we accomplished creative and funky with this beautiful afghan pieced together with lots of love and good wishes.

Everyone who participated made a square- or rectangle or something close to it- out of Mission Falls 1824 cotton. We chose 1824 Cotton because it is easy to work with and there are so many colors to choose from. The ladies made all kinds of squares- they used lots of colors, fancy stitches, interesting ideas, added fun yarns and embellishments. It was so much fun to see all the different squares come in. All of this was done without Hannah's knowledge. People handed me their squares literally behind her back.  

I arranged and rearranged the squares on my dining room table for a week or two. I then started sewing the seams and adding in little squares where there were gaps. I then knit a garter stitch border around the whole blanket. The result is a beautiful, colorful, snuggly, sturdy, wonderful wedding afghan!
We all gathered around Hannah on Wednesday and presented her with our gift. I do think we succeeded in surprising her and she really loved our creativity.  We all had a lot of fun pointed out which squares we made and oohing and aahing over several exquisite ones. This was a very fun group project and I am so glad Hannah and Jon got married so we could make it for them!


Thursday, May 8, 2008


I've missed you all... 
but now I'm back to show you a sampling of what I have been busy trying to accomplish.

These boot socks in lovely Regia Mosaic Color were finished and shipped off to a dear friend in Maine. Warmth and bright colors to help bring springtime in.

This treat in tilli thomas... If it wasn't so unique, I would wear this every day!

Meanwhile, I designed this new sweater for Three Waters Farm "Thick n Thin". That's Helga modeling, she's my new pal, and such a patient and unflinching subject. 

All of this piled up on my plate, and my favorite people came down from Maine to visit...
My dear brother, his lovely wife and those two beautiful people that they created!
We had adventures galore.
My niece Annie decided to learn to knit, so we made yarn out of leftovers in pink and purple, and away she went!

Just 7 years old and picked it up faster than I did at 23!

She made me one PROUD auntie!

And the best part, after a long week of knitting and playing hard, 
I even got some extra help around the shop!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Lucy Neatby Workshop

On April 30th Lucy Neatby joined us in Carrboro- and later in Raleigh- to teach us some of her tricks. There were many Oohs and Ah Hahs about the wealth of knowledge Lucy has about knitting. She is an inspiring teacher as well as entertaining and funny. We hope she will come back!

Lucy has the most interesting hair- Is it pink? is it purple? or blue? She also wears mismatched shoes and earrings. Being around her makes me want to be a little more colorful and perhaps try something new with my knitting.
Everyone enjoyed cupcakes during the break to celebrate my (Mary) birthday. What a great way for me to spend the day! My son, Evan, has the same birthday so we always have fun on April 30th!

Lucy brought many of her colorful creations with her. The work is flawless and you can't help but touch everything.

Her color choices are amazing. She is not afraid to take chances with using lots of colors in each project.

This piece looks like a painting of tiny flowers in a field.

This kitty pillow got a lot of attention.
Everyone loved this baby hat. Can't you just see it on a sweet little baby.
We will have Lucy come back on her next tour through the South. We do have some DVD's and handpainted yarn of hers in stock. We will also be getting more books and patterns of hers when we order at market this Summer.

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