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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Customer FO's

We love it when people come in and show us their finished projects. 

This sweater was finished just in time for a break in our almost 100degree weather- haha.
This is a cute ski sweater made for a grandchild in the cold north.

Here is an afghan made for a wedding present. Our friend Sue made it out of odd ball skeins of purple and green.

Here is Sue enjoying this beautiful afghan before she ships it off to her newly wed brother.

This silk scarf was made with an over lay of wool felted into the fabric. Another example of felting magic!
This skirt wasn't knitted or felted but it was a very interesting finished project. Hannah made this skirt for her mother. She bought a ready made skirt and then cut an old t-shirt into strips and sewed them on the skirt  to make the flower embellishment. We all want one!

This cute baby sweater and hat were recently finished and sent to a lucky newborn. It has an interesting trim on the ribbing and the knitter did a great job on this project.

This was the second finished. project of one of our students. She learned a lot and can now do cables on anything!

Another finished hat by a different student. We love the flaps and fair isle pattern on this hat.
It will keep someone nice and warm this winter.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby Sweaters

This is sweet baby Benjamin. His mother,who was 8 7/8's months pregnant, finished the knitting for this beautiful blanket in our shop one Saturday afternoon about 4 weeks ago. When she stood up to leave she said " ooh, something is going on". On her way home she started having contractions and beautiful Benjamin was born the next morning! She brought him in to meet us when she picked up her lovely alpaca blanket.

We have lots of cute baby sweaters to knit for all the babies and toddlers in your life. This is a cute raglan made with a self-patterning cotton yarn from Needful Yarns called Cotton Joy.

This double breasted baby sweater is made with Crystal Palace Bamboozle. It is quick to knit and the bamboo yarn is so soft.

Another cute easy-to-make cotton baby sweater. This one is made from Fantasy Naturale from Plymouth.

This baby sweater is knit side to side out of Wool Bamboo from Classic Elite.

Bamboo yarn is very popular for babies and childrens sweaters. It is soft and wears well and is easy care. This sweetheart sweater is made from K1C2 Babyboo yarn.

Another sweet baby sweater with delicate crochet edging. This one is made from Ecologie Cotton from Nashua Yarns.

Baby sweaters are so much fun to make. They don't take very long to knit or use very much yarn. The babies always look so cute in them and get a lot of attention for wearing a handknit garment. We love seeing your babies in what you create for them!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

It is so hot that even the dogs want to come in the yarn store to cool off. We get all kinds of furry visitors. Well behaved pets are always welcome, especially if they can show us a trick or two.

This beautiful Standard Poodle had just come from the salon where he got his Summer look.
His coat looked like velvet.

This is sweet little Otis. He is the brother of Greta's dog Molly.
And the son of Lily's dog Rosie. Don't let his size fool you- I hear he is one tough guy.

This is Lucy who likes to follow her master around everywhere.

This is Tucker- Isn't that the cutest face you have ever seen?

And this is Princess Leia- who is my dog. She only gets to come to the shop when no one else is there as she thinks everyone comes to see HER. She is very sweet and special and brightens our lives. Leia recently had a cancerous tumor taken out of her ear so we are taking extra special care of her. The prognosis is good and we are enjoying all the doggy licks and hugs we can get right now. Enjoy your special pet and keep them cool and safe during this hot summer!

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