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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Green Yarn

Today is Earth Day. It is up to all of us to do our part to conserve the Earth's natural resources.
Most of us conserve, reuse and recycle at home and we can all try to do as much as we can when we are at work and at play. We all try to conserve at the stores as much as we can. I did an earlier post on how I take all the boxes yarn comes in to the recycling center. I also take any packaging 
to the shipping store to be reused. At each of the stores we have a recycling bin for customers and employees empty bottles and cans. We use scrap paper for writing notes and encourage people to use their own bags or recycled ones for their purchases. We even have patterns to knit or crochet Market Bags  to make to take to carry your groceries home. Many of the companies we do business with are sending out bills and statements online to save on paper and postage. There are so many little things we can all do to make a difference!

This is recycled silk from Saris. Not only is it recycled yarn it is made by women in Nepal. So, when you use this yarn you are conserving AND helping women AND making something beautiful!

This is a beautiful Bamboo yarn from Gjestal. Bamboo is a wonderful, soft yarn that is a renewable fiber. It is a great fiber for lightweight spring and summer projects.

Bonsai is a shiny ribbon made from bamboo. It comes in many beautiful colors and makes a nice drapey fabric.

There are also lots of new organically grown and dyed cottons on the market now. 
They use less chemicals in the dying and processing. Most of the colors are really nice muted shades that get better with age.

This is Voile de la Mer from Tilli Tomas. It is made from Sea Kelp and silk. The colors are beautiful and it makes beautiful lace scarves and shawls.
This is another Bamboo ribbon, Bali,from Tahki. Bamboo takes color very well in the dying process as shown in all these vibrant colors.

We also have corn fibers, soy silk, and sock yarn made with Chetin- crushed crab and shrimp shells.

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greta said...

The basket of greens is stunning!Happy Knitting...

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