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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

It is so hot that even the dogs want to come in the yarn store to cool off. We get all kinds of furry visitors. Well behaved pets are always welcome, especially if they can show us a trick or two.

This beautiful Standard Poodle had just come from the salon where he got his Summer look.
His coat looked like velvet.

This is sweet little Otis. He is the brother of Greta's dog Molly.
And the son of Lily's dog Rosie. Don't let his size fool you- I hear he is one tough guy.

This is Lucy who likes to follow her master around everywhere.

This is Tucker- Isn't that the cutest face you have ever seen?

And this is Princess Leia- who is my dog. She only gets to come to the shop when no one else is there as she thinks everyone comes to see HER. She is very sweet and special and brightens our lives. Leia recently had a cancerous tumor taken out of her ear so we are taking extra special care of her. The prognosis is good and we are enjoying all the doggy licks and hugs we can get right now. Enjoy your special pet and keep them cool and safe during this hot summer!

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