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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sock Story

These are some funny looking socks. These socks were made by my mother-Anne for her father- William in the late '40's. My Grandfather was a great big man with a size 13 shoe. I am sure these socks took a long time for my mother to complete. My mother used to tell me stories about how she would start dating a young man and decide to knit him a pair or socks. She wouldn't make it through a sock before she started dating someone else. She would then tell her new beau that the socks she was working on were for him. She got a lot of mileage out of those socks. She still knits socks( and finishes them!) for my father. 

My Uncle Bill- whose initials are also WD- recently asked my mother to mend these socks. He loves them and wears them when he hunts in the Fall. They are not worn out and in need of darning- there are just a few loose edges and stitches. They are in remarkable shape for 50+ year old socks. I will carefully mend them as well as I can and send them back to Uncle Bill. They will keep his feet warm many more hunting seasons.

Maybe we can even keep them going for another generation or so- Uncle Bill has a son who has big feet and the same initials who like to hunt in the Fall.

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