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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Welcome Fall

This is the lovely Mrs. Jane Lane. She has been working at Yarns etc... for over 4 years. We love the days we get to work with Jane! We all love her! Jane is a woman of many talents. She knits, she needlepoints, she is a master gardener and she brings us treats to snack on during the day. As you can tell by her modeling stance, Jane has also done some modeling.

We are so grateful that Jane has given us her time, talent, patience, and smiles for these past few years. Her life has gotten so filled up with all of her many activities and family that this is her last week to work with us. We will look forward to seeing her when she comes for a visit!
Thank you for being you. We will all miss you.

Jane made these cute pumpkins that are a perfect project for this time of year. You can use them for Halloween decorations and, a month later, for Thanksgiving. The yarn used was a perfect shade of pumpkin colored orange organic sport weight wool from Three Waters Farm.
The weight yarn you use determines the size of the pumpkin. You can make slight changes in the pattern and make them taller, or fatter, or embellish them in different ways.
Thank you for sharing these with us.

Pumpkin Pattern
#1 for fingering weight
#2 for sport weight
#3 for DK weight
#4 for worsted weight
Cast on 58 sts.
Row 1- p2(K5,P2) to end
Row 2- K2(P5, K2) to end
repeat above 14 times for a total of 30 rows
leave 18" of yarn an thread through sts on knitting needle
With brown or green cast on 4 sts, work 16 rows in St st. Cast off.( you could do this an an i-cord)
Tie cast on edge of stalk into a knot. Gather top of pumpkin around knot and sew securely. sew down the side of pumpkin, stuff and finish off. To secure the shape of the pumpkin sew one long stitch through the center of the pumpkin from base to top and back again.

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Anonymous said...

That's where my orange yarn went! These are awesome pumpkins and I love that they're knit flat and sewn up. I'm also a sucker for a free pattern. :) Rebecca

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