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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming!!

Once upon a time, a prince fell in love with a girl.

And married her.

And the entire world went nuts about them.  Just lost their frickin' minds.  They couldn't get enough of them, seeing them together, separately, clubbing, brushing their teeth, whatever.  And not just the normal folks.  Knitters went nutsy foo-foo as well.  See this?

My friends, what we have here is commemorative yarn for the Royal Wedding.  Ta-dow.

It was truly a beauty of a yarn, a deep blue with just a little bit of sparkly tencel, and very reminiscent of a certain sapphire engagement ring.  This lace weight yarn is not only gorgeous and a bit unusual, it is a true collector's item.  Only 1000 skeins were made by Fyberspates, and this skein came with its own numbered certificate of authenticity.  And, if you too are an Anglophile in love with the newest Windsor smug marrieds, you may be able to order your very own skein at their website (ahem, I'll wait while you go check it really, it's cool).

I got to touch the Royal Yarn when I came in to Yarns Etc this past Friday.  Leslie, who works there, had gotten this yarn, along with several other wonderfully sheepy things, from her mother, who had been to Britain recently.  Other gorgeous items included yummy wool spun from British sheep, and these really great little coasters...

And, lest you think I am moving on from the Royal Awesomeness of the Brits, I present this to you as well:

Now that is what I love about knitters.  It's one thing to be sitting there with your buddies, and cracking jokes about the royal family, but it takes a knitter to see the yarn potential in Prince William marrying Kate Middleton.  They not only have the balcony scene...

...they also have a Youtube video of the whole dang thing!

"Mawwiage....mawwiage is whut bwings us togethuh todaaayyyy...dat bwessed event, that dweam within a dweam.  Have you da wing?"  Um, sorry, got off track there.  Anyone know what movie that is from? 

Speaking of the Brits, another invasion of sorts was happening at Yarns Etc when I was there on Friday. 

Can I tell you that there is an obscene amount of Rowan yarn at the store right now?  Just for starters, I saw Roawan Colourspun, Purelife, Lima, Felted Tweed, Big Wool, Cashsoft Baby DK, Pure Wool DK, Kidsilk Haze, Purewool 4 ply, and the Rowan Studio Issue #23.  

All in beautiful colors for fall. And fall is coming, this summer nastiness can't last forever...uh...right?

I also saw Misti Alpaca Baby Me Boo, this sweet thick and thin yarn:

I also had a bit of an attack of glee when I spied a basket of this:

KAUNI EFFEKTGARN!!!!  This stuff looks so cool when I have seen it used on Ravelry (like this, this, or this) and I have had trouble tracking it down before.  I was so pleased to see some here!  I also saw a delivery of Shibui come in as well, and I had to breathe slowly and relax so as not to tear 'round the store like a Tasmanian devil. 

I know for a fact that the hot, sticky summer can't last much longer.  Want to know how I know?  Looky here:

Can you see it?  Try this one...

It's a gnarly old tree near where we live, but if you look closely, the leaves are turning....

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PfeifferGrad03 said...

I LOVE that you just quoted The Princess Bride!

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