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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Drumroll, please....

Welcome to the first ever Great Yarns/Yarns Etc SOCK Knit-along! 

It took lots of Ravelry window-shopping, blog comment reading, and an exciting seven coin tosses (like the World Series, to be fair) and, my friends, we not only know what article of clothing we are knitting, we also know what pattern we are knitting, and we are in for a real treat!

May I present to you the Releve Sock  from our local designer KT!

This is a top down sock, with cables and lace (never fear, we're all in this together), in a fingering weight yarn.  The yardage required (depending on foot size) is 375-425 yards (343-389 meters). 

KT is a local designer, and has had patterns published not only on Ravelry, but in KnitCircus, Interweave Knits, and 101 Luxury One Skein Wonders, among others.  Her blog is here.  She very kindly offered a pattern of hers up for our knit-along.  I feel so fortunate!  Thank you, KT!

In order to get the pattern, you will need to go to this link, and when you check out, use YARNSETC as the code in order to get the pattern for free.  I had a little trouble with the code this morning, so email me (ellarine23ATyahooDOTcom--replace the AT and the DOT with the @ and the .) if you also are noticing trouble.  I have shot off an email to KT to double-check whether or not I just maybe did it wrong.  We'll get it hammered out, no worries.   

So...I'm gonna go sock yarn shopping this morning.  It's all for educational purposes, right? 

Oh yes, that's very nice.  What else have you got?

Oooooh, me likey.  Got anything else?

Oh Mary, you speak-a my language.
In other news, I have a slightly embarassing story to tell you.  Yesterday I was super-klutzy, and ended the evening (after stepping on a few children's toys and saying bad words in many languages) falling down the stairs!  Not all of them, really only about 4 or 5, but I feel strongly that they were perhaps the pointiest and most brutal of all the staircase (wah).  As I lay there, stunned, at the bottom of the stairs, I realized I had hit my hands and wrists all over the place while I'd tested out gravity.  Since I have a slight dash of hypochondria, I immediately had a teensy freak out that perhaps I had hurt my hands and...(gulp)...might not be able to knit!!

I immediately set to doing in-air, invisible knitting gestures to see if anything hurt.  I am pleased to say that I've been cleared for playing with yarn, still.  However, my husband and children think I should be benched for obsessive knit/yarn-intoxication.  Game on!

PS:  Forgot to add!!  I took the liberty of setting up a discussion thread on Ravelry for the knit-along.  If you need help for a part of the pattern, or you want to share about how much you love it, or just want to chat, we're there.  Just look for the Yarns Etc/Great Yarns board, and the thread should be at the top.  See you soon!  


KT said...

Aha! We have figured out the purchasing issue - use this link: to go to the pattern page, then purchase it from there with the code YARNSETC

Erin C. said...

@KT: Thanks so much for all that you do! You are a knitting goddess. :)

Tish said...

Sorry to hear you fell yesterday. I was in the shop today when you were talking about the KAL. I have to say gorgeous pattern! I have never done top down, but I love learning new things. I am going to try to keep up! Was nice meeting you today!

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