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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Let's Give 'Em Something To Talk About

Well, we knitters have had a heck of a week, am I right?

Thing 1:  Apparently the Olympic Torch isn't the only thing that burns hot during certain summers.  I presume that you know there are knitterly...pursuits...that coincide in a friendly way with the Olympics, meant to encourage, support, and challenge us all while we watch the Olympics.  The plan is to cast on for a project at the lighting of the Olympic torch, and complete the project before the torch is extinguished at the end.  Pretty harmless, right? 

Apparently not. 

Ravelry got a rather snarky Cease and Desist Letter from the US Olympic Committee, which made unfortunate use of the word "denigrate" in relation to us knitters, and then there was basically a response of..."Oh no  you di-int!" from the knitters of.the.entire.internet-o-verse. 

Aw, snap.

At which point all hell broke loose.  Maybe you didn't feel it, but there was definitely a disturbance in the force.  Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the originator of the Knitting Olympics, had her thoughtful opinion of the whole thing.  Others were quite...livid about it.  Regardless of feelings, it looks like Ravelry will be picking a different name for the event.  Perhaps the Rav-a-Limpets?


We will definitely be using a bit of K2,P2 ribbing on this, and some increasing....


Yes, I think there's a solution right there. 

Thing 2:  There will be some fun events coming up in July for Great Yarns and Yarns Etc.  A little Christmas In July thingy, sounds like fun, details to follow soon.  Because, as knitters, crocheters, and crafters, Christmas is only 181 days away.  Other regular non-knitters may scoff at that, but we know, oh yes, how the time flies when you're deluding yourself that A) you will knit everyone's Christmas present and B) you have loads of time.  I would know that because those are the two things I tell myself every.freakin'.year.  Also, (ahem) a little knitting concurrent with a certain sporting extravaganza...that tends to be broadcast on what is known as a television.  From a country that may or may not be British (I need a lawyer!) . 

Thing 3:  Worldwide Knit In Public Week was last week, and I got a couple of great pictures from knitters. 

A little poolside knitting from Emily.  Ah, the sweet life!

And one that is for us history buffs,

There's our Jane keeping company with a knight in peaceful repose in Leipzig, Germany. 

Thing 4:  Geez, how come so many things?!?!?  Well, on the last blog post, you knitters out there voted that I should actually finish something in particular.  I should finish Vlad in particular, actually

I have actually made it through the body of the shawl, and am now on the edging (knock on wood, throw salt over left shoulder, etc etc etc), and maybe might could be done sometime soonish!  I can't believe it.  I was so ecstatic at being done with the body that I drew out pretty much all but the two most recent lifelines (turquoise yarn towards the top), and I hope the sucker looks way better after a thorough blocking. 

So that's it for now...details to follow on many things next week!  Promise!  See you then!


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