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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Brown, Black, and Gray

I've been knitting up a storm lately, how about you?

I've nearly finished my brown sweater.  I kept thinking, "I'll finish today, no problem" and then was surprised that I was hardly any closer to slapping a neck on it, the shoulder shaping just. kept. going. on. and. on.  A bit of knitting quicksand, but I slogged through.  All it needs now is of course the neck, and to graft the underarm stitches together and voila!

I foresee this simple sweater becoming a fall and winter wardrobe staple. 

The Twenty Ten Cardigan is also proceeding apace.  I'm almost to the split for the shoulders/sleeves.  Moss stitch looks very nice, but it is a bit of a pain to knit, as opposed to good old stockinette stitch, or garter stitch.

Geez Louise, I need to go get some brighter colors to knit with before I become a walking ad for the blahs. 

Thanks, Violet.  That's my girl, always seeking to bring a little joy and color to my blahs. 

Speaking of garter stitch, I cast on a project while watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies (ahem).  Just curious, did anyone else find the Opening Ceremonies to be a little...all over the place?!?  Anyhoo, the project I chose to knit on while I watch the Olympics (I'm being daring here) is a classic:  the Tomten Jacket.  I dove into my stash and pulled up all kinds of worsted weight wool (good old Cascade 220) and some alpaca/wool blend (the gray yarn) and I'm roaring through the sucker.  Besides tempting the knitting fates by bragging on the fact that I'm already to the shoulders and about to knit the hood for the jacket, I'm tempted to get some more yarn from the LYS and seeing if perhaps I can knit two Tomtens before the Olympics are over.

I'm in a little color quandary since I'm knitting a larger Tomten than I had thought (maybe Vi can wear this when she's...four...or so) and I'm running out of the yarn that I thought would last for the sleeves and the hood.  So now I'm wondering if I want to make red sleeves and a red hood, or do stripey sleeves and a red hood, or just....go the LYS and pick up some more worsted weight yarn.  Something a little brighter? 

Funny.  All roads lead to Rome, or, to the LYS for the knitter.  Oh dear, whatever will this knitter do!  It's such a treat chore to go the LYS.  I'll have to make sure I don't tell my husband.  Um....

What are you knitting on?  Any brightly colored knits out there?

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