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Monday, March 10, 2008


With an anniversary coming up, I needed a special gift for my sweetie. I looked high and low for a good sock yarn for him and found nothing to suit my liking. This one is too bright, this one too drab... you see where that was going. One day Mary Ann brought a test skein into the shop, "Etude in Grey" that was it... love at first sight for my love at first sight. 
So of course I sat on the yarn until the beginning of February; I had three years and eleven months to get him an anniversary present, what's a couple more weeks! (Leap Day this year was the second anniversary of our first "date".)  When I remembered that our anniversary was at the end of this shortest month. I cast on and knit away. Then quite a few things happened and before I could finish the socks they changed...

These lovely socks went from being boyfriend/anniversary socks to Husband/Wedding socks!
And wear them to our Leap Day Wedding he did!
He was so wonderfully handsome too!

It was the least I could do for the man who made my ring, and always makes me happy.

We had the most wonderful day! We were surrounded by our family and friends, my mother and brother and sister-in-law cooked up a storm and we partied all night!
There were also a few more Knitted Object sightings!

Socks as a thank you to my mother- thank you for hosting our wedding party and thank you for my birthday earlier in the week. It's kind of a tradition to give my mother presents on my birthday, she earned them!

Hunter's hat,

and Baby's burp cloth/bib!

It truly was a fantastic day!

On another sock note, we are participating in Unique Kolours Think Outside the Sox Program as a Sox Hot Spot, check it out and get your ideas ready for their big contest!


Mandy said...

Wow! Congrats on a great day and great socks!

greta said...

Oh, congratulations!
All the best to you and your hubby
and your Knitting!
(who loves the etude in gray colorway, too!)

Kathryn said...


That's the best use of Leap Day I've ever heard of.

I wish a joyous married life to you both!


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