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Friday, May 30, 2008


What do you think about having Cookie Friday around the Carrboro shop? 
Friday is such a great day to work in the shop, for so many reasons...
There are always new things that came in during the week.
I get to work with Alisa- who is a delight! 
It is a wonderful time to pick out a new project, and even time for a swatch!
There are lots of fun people stopping by to get their projects ready for the weekend.
Friday is the unofficial start to the weekend, but Friday is also my Monday.
That's why I think Friday is such a great candidate for cookies!

So come on by, pick out an exciting new project and see what we're knitting on.

This one is top secret until June 9th! Come see if I can make yet another unrealistic and self imposed deadline!

AND you should see if I managed to make cookies... I am sure I managed to make a mess!

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