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Friday, January 15, 2010

Knitting for the Troops

Here is a great volunteer knitting opportunity! Knitting helmetliners for our troops overseas.
When I first heard of this project I wasn't so sure that this was an item that a soldier really needed or wanted. Well, I was very pleased to find out that helmetliners are really needed and appreciated! It is cold in the desert at night and sand is blowing - the helmetliner keeps them warm and keeps some dust out. It also provides a soft layer of protection between the head and the helmet. My nephew Taylor is an officer in the 82nd Airborne and you can bet he will have at least one helmetliner in his duffel when he goes to Iraq or Afghanistan.

If you are interested in learning more about making Helmetliners, scarves or neck gators you can go here

All the information including patterns, yarn requirements and colors can be found on the web site. Cascade 220 is one of he suitable yarns and we have many great "desert "colors in stock.

You can leave your finished helmetliners at Yarns Etc... or Great Yarns and I will send them to the organization that distributes them to our soldiers.


Anne O'Nymous said...

Thank you! I have had a few stashed away but not yet sent, and now I have a good reason to stop in!

Sue said...

Thanks for supporting our troops and encouraging our knitting community to get involved in this very worthy endeavor.

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