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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Prolific Knitter

We have some very prolific knitters at Great Yarns and Yarns etc...
It is so much fun to help someone pick projects and help decipher the patterns. The best part is when they come back and show us their finished projects.

Rebekah is a great knitter. She picks really beautiful projects in beautiful yarns. She is always willing to try a new stitch or shaping technique. I really enjoy helping her pick out her next project. Rebekah is also a pretty quick knitter -so she completes a lot of projects. I have taken pictures over the past year of most of her finished projects.

This is the February Ladies Sweater made in luxurious Manos Wool/Silk.

This cotton Cardigan has an interesting lace pattern that Rebekah had no problem mastering.

This is the first random color/texture afghan Rebekah has done. It is an easy project and really fun but it takes a long time to knit and uses a LOT of yarn. You change yarn every 2 rows so you are constantly getting to work with a new color or texture. You can go with a particular color sequence or be a little more random about your choices.

Here is a one color afghan with an all over stitch pattern. I bet no one gets chilly at Rebekah's house with all these beautiful afghans to keep them warm!

Another fabulous lace patterned cardigan. Perfect for this Spring!

A beautiful blue raglan cardigan.

Another cotton cardigan with interesting stitch details in the front bands.

I love this short sleeve v-neck cardigan. The one button closure is a flattering style and if you look at the button closely you can see it is a turtle. So Cute!

This all over lace patterned cardigan is also made from Manos wool/Silk. It is a great weight for our climate.

Thank you Rebekah, for letting me show off some of your beautiful work and for being such a great knitter that I get to help find the next great project for you!

This is a close-up of the lace pattern from the purple sweater from above.

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