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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blue Slip

When I was younger, I would forget things quite a lot.  Important stuff in the kid world, actually.  Library books, homework for fourth grade (I did that one a lot), the dreaded "blue slips" that the missed homework required me to take home.  I forgot stuff all over the place.  It didn't take much to make the old vinyl record in my head skip a track.  I would spend a fair bit of the time overcompensating by coming up with excuses.  Sometimes they were pretty lame ("I dunno where I left it") and sometimes they were a bit outlandish ("It's not my fault!  This huge wind came out of nowhere and my backpack was unzipped, and..."). 

"What does this have to do with knitting?" you ask.

Well.  Which would you rather hear? 

A) Lame:  I kept thinking I had more time this week for knitting than I really did, so I putzed around a lot with boring stuff like laundry and trying to "defrag" my computer so it wouldn't run out of disk space and therefore I didn't get to the toe of the Relevé Socks.


B) Outlandish:  I meant to do the socks all the way.  By golly, I was going to knit both of them and then I'd have TWO done and wouldn't that be great?  Except I still haven't finished knitting my son's preschool teachers' Christmas arm warmers and I'm dying a slow death from diffuse guilt over it so I finally cracked open that project and knit on it, even though I am so. over. them.  The arm warmers.  Not the teachers.  Don't be crazy, teachers are the future, guys.  So then I was behind on many things, not just the socks, and I decided that the best thing to do would be to watch a bit of TV, and maybe clean out the walk-in closet in my down and have peace talks with the clothes moths.  They would learn to like tofu instead of wool and silk and stuff, and they could have my tofu and I'll take their woolly snacks.  But then the peace talks broke down and we busted out our laser guns and I just barely escaped with my life.  But hey, the walk-in closet is looking pretty dang spectacular.

Why do you taunt me, moth? 


I confess, you got me.  Hand me my blue slip.  I'm in trouble.

I did not knit on the socks, and I cannot, for the life of me, come up with a reason other than the fact that my mental vinyl record skipped.  I really really really like them.  The color, the yarn (give me a rebel yell if y'all love some Shibui), the pattern is phenomenal, pretty, beautifully done.  The instep is going swimmingly.  It's just on pause.  I haven't hardly knit on anything else, either.  Knitter fail.  Give me a second blue slip, will ya?

So, bearing that in mind, I will now show you some pictures of something I have finished, blocked, and photographed.  So you can't yank my knitter's card, ok?  Ok???

Here is my Pi Shawl, knit in Kauni Effektgarn in (surprise, surprise) Rainbow colorway.  It sure does stand out on a gray, rainy day.

I feel like I just got done knitting a Starburst candy.  It's fun, colorful (to put it mildly) and was a nice, easy, meditative knit. 

Sometimes things like this happen.  Sometimes I do not get a chance to knit, and my mind ends up pining for it, turning around in circles like a dog chasing its tail.  Fortunately, knitting never decomposes, never drops its stitches and tinks itself (unless my daughter gets ahold of it).  It will wait for me, patiently, until I can get back to it, pick it up, and do what I love best.  It will not be resentful if I forget, willfully or accidentally.  I love that about this craft, and all things yarny. 


Shannon said...

Oh wow, that shawl is really gorgeous! The colors are so brilliant and the pattern is lovely! Great job!

Tracey said...

Is it too late to get in on the sock KAL?

Erin C. said...

Absolutely not! I believe if you scroll back to the beginning of the knit-along, you will find a way to get the pattern and join the fun. If you run into trouble, please let me know. Hope you have fun!

Tracey said...

Thank you so much! I was able to get the pattern this morning. Your beautiful sock in green inspired me to want to join in on this!

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