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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Springtime and Colors and Fibers Galore!

Oh, this time of year is delightful, isn't it?  It's like I didn't realize how starved I was for spring weather until it arrives.  The Bradford Pear trees are blooming, the forsythia is brilliantly yellow, and the daffodils are always a welcome sight.  Tomorrow I hear the high will be 80!!  I'm always glad for spring to come, not just for the fine weather, but also an opportunity to knit with different fibers that come in beautiful spring colors. 

These are so cheery and fun, with sparkles throughout.  I'm sure I know of at least three trillion girls (and women, let's be honest) who wouldn't mind a bit of sparkle in their wardrobes.

Is this not the cutest thing?  A brand spankin' new pattern from Knit One, Crochet Too Yarn, aptly named "Polka Dottie".  Ravelry hasn't uploaded this pattern into their database yet, but come by the store, because there are many copies of this pattern waiting to be snatched up!  Mary made this one as a sample for the Yarns Etc store using the yarns called for in the pattern, Knit One, Crochet Too Ty-Dy and Ty-Dy Dots.  I couldn't resist this pattern, seeing as I have a small wee girly at home.  I did go home first and toss my stash about, looking for any cotton yarn I might have that wasn't for knitting dish cloths.  I was pretty dang happy with what I'm knitting my Polka Dottie with...

The purple skein on the left is Rowan Handknit Cotton yarn (which was in my stash, but you can find it in an array of colors at Ye Olde Yarns Etc) and the skein on the left is Ty-Dy in Blue Pansy.  I'm having so much fun knitting with it!  After knitting with so much wool, this is a breath of fresh air. 

Another nice thing to see is some cashmere going for a good cause:

This is handspun cashmere from Afghanistan, in lovely earthy natural colors.  Can you imagine how beautiful a little shrug might be in this?  Knit on big needles, perhaps?  Short sleeves, open lacework....ummmm perhaps I should investigate that.

Other things for spring?

A silken gorgeous dyed scarf.  You have to see the colors in person.  Seeeeeee how looooooong my arrrrrrrms are?  Just kidding!

Shawl pins that are little works of art in themselves.

In other news, I'm still flying along with my Corcovado.  The right front is finished, save for the I-Cord edging, and I'm still feeling the love, even though it is....getting...rather warmer...outside.....


I'm sort of looking for some summer patterns to knit's for research y'all.  Don't look at me like that!  Wool is hot!  I'm hankering after a silken tank top...or linen, ye gods, linen!!!  Stay tuned, and don't tell my husband!

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LindaHensens said...

I just love that aqua colored sparkly yarn at the top of this post! Pretty, pretty..

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