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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Can I Pretend to be Laura Ingalls Wilder?

I've always had a love affair with The Little House on the Prairie books.  There is a portion of me that forgets that I love air conditioning, cars, grocery stores, and avoiding large smelly livestock and yearns to stand around in tall grasses, getting eggs from hens, churning butter, making every meal with pork fat, all that jazz.  When the apocalypse/zombies comes down upon us, I feel pretty assured I could make my own lead bullets, sew a nine patch quilt, and make my own jam and cheese.  And knit.  This week I got to dabble in my little fantasy. 

I finally wound up my gorgeous Breathless yarn from Shalimar.  Really, you must get some.  Merino, cashmere, joy, and some fairy dust are spun into each skein.  I got the color Loden as a present at Christmas, and have been petting it in its unwound state for a few months before I finally decided on a pattern to best showcase the yarn:  Multnomah

The second picture better captures the woodsy, mossy quality of the color.  I love love love this yarn.  If I only had one yarn to work with for the rest of my life the month this would definitely be the one.  Right now I'm enjoying the zen quality of lots of simple garter stitching, with a feather and fan border on the near horizon.  I'd love to start another project with this yarn as well...perhaps this one?  This has been the only this I've worked on this week.  A shocker, I know, since I'm a big fan of spreading the love around.  Still totally enjoying it, too. 

While you are at your favorite yarn store, getting Breathless yarn, you may also want to peruse the gorgeous handmade needle cases that our Jane made.  One of a kind works of art, I think:

Other things I've done this week, channeling my inner Laura Ingalls has been to make jam:

Blackberry jam.  It is delicious, if I may say so.  I also made refrigerator pickles...a first for me:

Shucks, folks, I'm gonna head back into the log cabin and churn some butter now.  I'll write another one of them there electronic letters to the folks Back East when the fever n' ague that my son caught this morning clears up.  Don't squat with your spurs on and keep your powder dry!

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Shannon said...

I've been considering Multnomah for several months now. That looks like a gorgeous color to work it in!

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