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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Warm Weather Knits Anyone?

Wowzas it has been a busy week.  Let me see....
My daughter turned one....

We had Easter....

Behold my son trying to look like the Unabomber.  But a happy Unabomber, nonetheless.

I did not win the 640 bajillion dollar lottery....don't know why I was actually surprised by that, but there you go....

And Violet and I caught some kind of horrible stomach virus that left us both unable to eat her birthday cake!  There ought to be a law or something where you can never be sick on your birthday, let alone your first birthday. She wouldn't even consider touching her slice of birthday cake that my husband had made for her.  Poor baby!

I've been trucking away at Multnomah, and the Breathless yarn is still keeping me riveted.  I adore this yarn.  Flat out love it.  When I am an eccentric old lady (who has won the lottery), I want a cedar-lined room just full of this yarn.  Like the ball pit at Chuck E Cheese, except with yarn.  This yarn.

Am I the only one who wishes she could do that with her yarn stash???

 I dare you to touch it and not have a momentary impulse to roll around on the floor with it like a cat with catnip.  If loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be right!

I'm just a few pattern repeats away from being finished with it (knock on wood).  It is very simple yet gorgeous, the pattern is very well written, and I'm going to love having this about my neck and shoulders when it's done.

The weather is warming, but don't put your needles down yet, folks.  As far as I'm concerned, my wardrobe is seriously deficient in some gorgeous one-of-a-kind summer knits.  I thought I'd troll around Ravelry and other places to see what the hot knits for spring and summer are going to be.

One lightweight knit that caught my eye was the Spring Garden Tee.  Looky here:

Knit this up in a bamboo yarn, or perhaps a cotton/bamboo blend?  Just beautiful in its simplicity. 

The sleeve detail is nice, and look-see--it's knit from the top down, in the round, which would make it a great first tee/sweater knit. 

Another adorable fresh looking top?  Why, step right up:


This is Buttercup, which is a free pattern on Ravelry, knit up in a hemp yarn (there's some at Yarns etc!!), and it is flattering to every. single. body. type.  I saw someone had knit it a bit longer so it was like a tunic, so cute with cropped leggings!  See the detail in the yoke being mirrored along the hem?  Wow, designers really blow my mind with little things like that.

Maybe just something small?  Maybe something to use up that little skein of lightweight yarn that's been languishing gracing your stash?  How about this little gem?

Aptly, and accurately named, 198 yards of Heaven requires just that, and look at what you can get with just 198 yards!

This is just a taste of what there is out there for warmer weather, and it's not too late to cast on!  


Anonymous said...

Been plodding my way though 198 Yards of Heaven. Let's just hope it turns out as beautiful as the one on your post.

Erin Cathcart said...

I hope you'll send me a picture when you're done! Lace is so beautiful (and requires a bit of precision to get it all to line up just so)!

Shannon said...

I've been wanting to do Multnomah for quite some time. I finally think I have the right yarn for it. After I finish Holden I may have to cast on :-)

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