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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Recycling Sunday

Most of the merchandise for Yarns etc and Great Yarns is delivered by my nice UPS man to my back porch in Chapel Hill. I can then unpack it and fondle it, sort it and fondle it, barcode it and fondle it and send it to the stores. The yarn is then further organized and fondled by all the wonderful helpers in each of the stores and put on the shelves. Then all of you wonderful and creative customers can have their turn at fondling the yarn and deciding what to create.

This is what is left.....

A huge pile of boxes, packaging and other debris. This is the part that is not so pretty and fun.I will get my family to help me break down these boxes and load them into the back of the truck and take them to the recycling station. Smaller boxes are saved for sending mail orders. The reusable packing like styrofoam peanuts are taken to a local shipping store and used again.
I actually don't mind doing all this because I know its the right thing for the environment and this business. I also know that I get new and beautiful yarns in those boxes and that makes me happy!

Last Thursday when I came home at 7:30  to 24 boxes on my back porch I was so excited. It was like Christmas for me! Now, I know what is in all those boxes, I ordered it. But I still had to get the box cutter out and go through every one of them-in the cold- in the dark. I have been getting boxes of yarn for 18 years and I am still excited when I see the Brown UPS truck roll up to my house. I am excited to be able to offer all of these wonderful fibers, textures and colors to all of you. 

So today, after my trip to the recycling center, I will enjoy playing with some of those new yarns that came in those boxes.

Happy Knitting!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mary that is some box collection you have.

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