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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Thank you all for participating in this little contest on our new blog!
I enjoyed hosting this event very much! 
But now, the suspense is making me feel a little queasy!

Prizes today are all wonderful sock yarns!
Some from Mary,
Some from Mary Ann
and some from my very own beautiful shelf!

I Had 78 hanks, skeins and balls of yarn on my shelf!

The nearest guess- without going over...

Our grand prize winner is - Michele D!!!
She gets this wonderful Three Waters Farm Superwash Merino in "Storm At Dusk" AND a Gift Certificate- good at all of our stores or the ONLINE STORE!
Mrs. D has been knitting her heart out for the Chapel Hill High Wrestling team's winning season, her husband is the coach! I hope she uses this prize as a treat for herself! I am so proud!

Three of you were also very close and your prizes are:

Nicole gets SHi BUi Sock- color 3001, they call it Pebble, it reminds me of the Carolina coast in winter... very pretty!

Mandy gets SRK On Your Toes- with aloe!  Shade ON223815-  a delightfully soft yarn in a very strapping colorway!

Lucinda gets Cascade Fixation in pretty pink and green, color #9904!

I can't believe it, but no one even tried to guess the amount of yarn by weight!
10 Pounds, by the way!

I thought about keeping those prizes to myself- I'm only sort of kidding!

But alas, there are two lovely ladies who had the next closest guesses:

M. Lagera with a long distance guess, gets Three Waters Farm Superwash Merino in Kaleidoscope! It doesn't count as cheating on a yarn diet if you win it!

and Cheryl gets SHi BUi Sock- color 323, a very vivid peacock!

and the winner of our employee contest, I am thrilled to announce is...

NICK in Greensboro! He will get  this colorful and exciting Opal in color #1435 and a surprise!

I can't wait to see all of the wonderful things that you knit with these yarns I love.
If you email me a picture of what you use them for, I  would be honored to post them on this blog and link to yours!
I will be sending you all an email, so you know it's you. Your prizes will be with me in the Carrboro shop on Sunday 1-4 pm. Come on by and say hello! If you are far away respond to my email with an address and I will ship your goodies!

Thank you all for playing, I had a blast! Just in case you were worried about me...

I get a prize too!

Regia Mozaik Color 
Shade 5560


zigzagstitch said...

Yea! I'm so excited, I have never won yarn before. Weeee!

Large Marge said...

same for me!!! and no, it doesn't count since i didn't buy it. so i'm not cheating!!! :O)

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