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Friday, September 26, 2008

It's finally Scarf Weather again!

Last year, I decided to knit a cotton scarf out of some Goddess Yarns Carmen, but I didn't have enough, so the scarf was WAY too short! It has been sitting in my closet, just waiting for an excuse to be ripped out and made into something else. Last week, I found many more skeins of Carmen hanging out in the sale basket in Chapel Hill and knew the time had finally come. Hannah helped me pick out 3 colors that would go beautifully with the pale blue I already had - puce, orange, and lime green.
This scarf was just begging to be knit sideways, but I didn't want to settle for a plain old garter stitch. I added some variety by using one size 13 needle and one size 10! Each color is knit for 3 rows, and whenever I joined a new color, I slipped every other stitch. This scarf was so easy, anyone can do it! And since I hate finishing projects, the best part is that the loose ends were tied in knots and incorporated into some fun colorful fringe at each end!
I'm not really sure how many yards I used, but I started with 4 skeins of 90 yds each and have plenty of each left over. The scarf is about 77" long (it was meant to be 60" and stretched - but who's complaining? I love long scarves!) and 4" wide.
What lonely old project will you rip apart this year and make into something new?

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