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Monday, September 8, 2008

Reasons to Knit and wear Shawls

 Here are some of our favorite reasons for knitting and wearing a shawl:
 Take a shawl on an airplane trip and you can cuddle up underneath it instead of one those questionable blankets.
You can still wear a bare top or dress and cover up your arms -or other parts- with a shawl.
A shawl is the perfect coverup in the Summer in those over air-conditioned restaurants.
Knitting or Crocheting a shawl can test your skills. 
You can make a shawl for a friend and not worry about whether it will fit. 
You can make Triangular, Rectangular or Circular Shawls.
When you are not wearing them you can drape them across the back of a chair and decorate the room.
You can't have too many of them!!!

We have so many beautiful Shawls on display at Great Yarns.  Some are super easy to make and some are a bit more challenging. The shawl above is made out of Jojoland's Melody. It is a soft merino wool that gently changes colors to really show off the pattern.

The shawl below is an easy project that will go anywhere. It is made in Berroco's Suede.

This is the Angel lace shawl pattern from Fiber Trends. It is made in Naturally's Dawn -a luxurious   silk/wool blend.

The Brown Shawl below has little seed beads knit in. These 2 are for the more experienced knitter. 
Better take a "Learn to Knit Lace" class!

This is another Fiber Trends Pattern-Ruffles and Ridges. It is made in Manos' Silk n' Wool. It is a lot of fun to do after you cast on the 1,000 plus stitches for the ruffle.

This semi- circle lace shawl was made in Jitterbug from Unique Kolours. We have many more ideas for shawls  and lots of new lace yarn to make your next project!

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