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Thursday, December 25, 2008


What an amazing year!
Since the beginning of winter last year, my life has grown in so many new dimensions.
I became a married lady, made wonderful new friends, improved my communication skills and became a better person for my human family and my planet.
Somewhere along this path I became a Knitter (uppercase) real and capable. I can knit most anything I want, teach, design and find my way out of many messes; my own and others, real and imagined! 
I have been blessed worlds over with the best people to resource for any task I would like to take on, blessed with friends and family that appreciate, request and praise my knitted accomplishments and most of all BLESSED with the most supportive and phenomenal husband ever!
I will call on all of your help as I am expanding my skills again... my super husband is so many things to me and he is also an instigator, a troublemaker and an accomplished expander of my world!
So here I go, back to kindergarten again...

I am NOT good at this, but it sure is FUN!
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Peaceful Solstice, Wonderful New Year and THANK YOU to you all!
Life is so rich and astonishing, I am grateful!


Mandy said...

What a great post! Best of luck with the spinning!

Vickie said...

You go, Girl!!!

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