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Friday, June 12, 2009


Alas, I STILL have 49 ends to weave!
But I have been a busy bee. As you may know Rowan's Wool Cotton happens to be my favorite yarn for babies, great feel, super colors and washability that doesn't require a deal with the devil down at the crossroads.
With all of that said, it is certainly my preferred yarn for baby hats, and with a new crop of kids coming soon I have been preparing. I have so much fun combining the colors too!

Sometimes, I think that putting a spot of a different color on the crown decreases makes it even more tempting to kiss em' on the top of the head! I even  have a few different sizes, so I'm ready for anything! I'm thinking about some striped hats with the leftovers.

By the way, when you come by to see us, make sure to check the new buttons that Mary got for us! Great Yarns has always had a wonderful button selection and now we have some awesome buttons too! 

yarns etc... Great Yarns

That's just the beginning!
I'm "hooked" already! 

Make sure to check out both collections the next time you need great buttons for your favorite handknits!

So, I promised I'd write more often and here I am in the shop; filling you up on pictures, wishing I typed faster, and hoping you all have a wonderful weekend!

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mamacita max said...

horray for buttons! i am excited to see these!

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