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Friday, June 26, 2009


It's been a blur at the shop today, so I'm sneaking in a quick post until... off I go.
What a great day, so many wonderful people coming in to the shop and a great many boxes full of goodies arriving!

Oh, it's so exciting! This is just the beginning of all of the fun things that Mary ordered for the shop at market!

On a personal knitting note, Seduce IS seductive. I fell for it too and I am trying to make a little shrug as a coverup to go with a strapless dress for a wedding next month. So close! I am actually a little further along than this picture, but I hate to spoil the surprise.
Just sleeves and bands to go. I guess I can promise a modeled picture... but I'm not promising that I'll do my hair!

See you at the shop, we'll be here to show you all of the great new arrivals.

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