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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

40 years of Knitting

I recently had a birthday and I turned 46. I started knitting when I was 6 so I have now been knitting 40 years! Wow! That is a lot of knitting. Recently  had 2 very special customers in the store. They both had sweaters on that were 40 years old. The sweaters are still beautiful as are the women who made them. They are still knitting heirloom sweaters after all these years.
We all have reasons for why we enjoy knitting. We love the whole process of picking a project, choosing the yarn, learning new stitches, creating the fabric and putting the pieces together. The best part about the process is when we wear our finished knit wear or give it to someone who loves our talents. 

We are all special knitters. We all create heirlooms that can be passed from one generation to the next. We all love sharing skills, talents and friendships with other knitters.

I learned to knit from my mother and grandmother. My own mother, Anne, is almost 80 and still knits every day. She is currently making my Dad a pair of socks and making a baby blanket for a new grandson.
I can only hope that I am still creating when I am at the same stage of life as these wonderful ladies!

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Timmie B said...

My aunt who is 94 taught me to knit about 43 years ago. She now has macular degeneration and is frustrated because she can no longer see to do the handicrafts that she so loves to do. She taught me many different handicrafts and created interest in others that I learned through classes. I gave her the first prayer shawl I started in honor of her giving me the knitting gift.

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