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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wedding Present

When Hannah got married on February 29th she and Jon requested creative, funky and handmade gifts. Well, the yarn shop ladies got together and got their creative juices flowing. I think we accomplished creative and funky with this beautiful afghan pieced together with lots of love and good wishes.

Everyone who participated made a square- or rectangle or something close to it- out of Mission Falls 1824 cotton. We chose 1824 Cotton because it is easy to work with and there are so many colors to choose from. The ladies made all kinds of squares- they used lots of colors, fancy stitches, interesting ideas, added fun yarns and embellishments. It was so much fun to see all the different squares come in. All of this was done without Hannah's knowledge. People handed me their squares literally behind her back.  

I arranged and rearranged the squares on my dining room table for a week or two. I then started sewing the seams and adding in little squares where there were gaps. I then knit a garter stitch border around the whole blanket. The result is a beautiful, colorful, snuggly, sturdy, wonderful wedding afghan!
We all gathered around Hannah on Wednesday and presented her with our gift. I do think we succeeded in surprising her and she really loved our creativity.  We all had a lot of fun pointed out which squares we made and oohing and aahing over several exquisite ones. This was a very fun group project and I am so glad Hannah and Jon got married so we could make it for them!


1 comment:

HANNAH said...

BEST PRESENT EVER! What an astonishing gift this is.
Those sneaky knitters really surprised me on this one. Leave it to Mary to pull it all together! WOW! AMAZING!
We love it, and best of all there is a piece of everyone!

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